person on abandoned bike frame and pedicab
image © Robert Luis Chavez

Pedaling On The Plaza...
The picture on the left is a self portrait on an abandoned bike frame in the Bisti Badlands.
To the right is an image taken on the Santa Fe Plaza.

Catch a ride:

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My numbers:
Cell (505) 920-1437, Home (505) 982-4457

Santa Fe Pedicabs (seasonal):
(505) 577-5056


Q: How much do you charge?
A: We charge a dollar per minute total, so a twenty minute tour for one or two people is twenty dollars. The shortest rides, for example a trip around the plaza, might be only three dollars. Most destinations around downtown average from five to ten minutes, so expect to pay, you guessed it: five to ten dollars. For special events and occasions some people will hire out the pedicabs hourly.

Q: Where do you go?
A: Most of our travel is within the Paseo De Peralta loop in the core of downtown Santa Fe. Pedicab guests take tours of Santa Fe, and they take a pedicab when they have specific destinations in mind, for example: from the hotel to shopping, restaraunts, etc. Popular destinations away from the plaza include, Canyon Road, Tomasita's and the Railyard, La Posada, Upper Palace, and Villas de Santa Fe.

Q: Do you give historical tours?
A: Yes I do, and a few of the other drivers are also able to give a historical pedicab tour. Start a haunted Santa Fe tour right now with these cool links to haunted Santa Fe Hotels: Haunted la Posada and Haunted La Fonda.

Q: How do I get a ride?
A: See my contact numbers above or find a pedicab on the Santa Fe plaza. I will start going out on the nice days starting in Feburary. Be aware that the official pedicab season does not start until May 1, and that the number for Santa Fe Pedicabs may just take messages for now.

Q: Do You Accept Tips?
A: Yes, of course.